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Pollution Solution
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I'm as happy now as I've ever been. Back in early 1995, when I was a high school senior, I tuned in, along with a lot of other people, to hear the Eddie-Vedder-hosted many-hour radio show "Self Pollution Radio" -- it was a satellite broadcast carried somewhat randomly by various stations, and my local NC station was one of them. I had the foresight to record it, but those tapes broke and melted and got lost years ago. I was remembering the show fondly last week, and poked around a bit online, and through the wonders of eBay I now have in my hands the four-CD recording of that radio show.

It's a cool show. Vedder broadcast from his Seattle home. He spun records (introducing me way back when to the wonders of Klark Kent, Mudhoney, John S. Hall, The Descendants, Mike Watt... man, that show influenced my musical tastes more than I'd realized -- there was no college or indie music station where I grew up, understand), chatted about social issues, played live music, had his neighbors -- like Mudhoney and Soundgarden -- come over and play a few songs... just straight-up good stuff. And now it's happily ripping into iTunes.

Nostalgia ain't all bad.

Plus, for dinner I had thin slices of roast beef, a baguette, and a wedge of brie. Life's got its bumpy, unpleasant bits, but as long as there's good music and brie in my life, I shouldn't bitch overmuch.

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