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Reviews and Babies
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So, happy Friday the 13th! Pretty much any Friday is all right by me.

A couple of things. First, some quotes from the August issue of Locus. First one about Flytrap, from reviewer Rich Horton:

"The second issue of Flytrap is very impressive. Rudi Dornemann opens with ‘The Labyrinth Tourist’, about a bank teller visiting an exotic city, in which the tourist must trail a thread behind him to guide him on the way out. David Moles’s ‘The Ideas’ affectingly treats the old notion of the source for stories being a post office box in a certain upstate New York town – it sounds like a cute joke but becomes moving and thoughtful. Michael Canfield’s ‘Kank’s Last Breath’ is about a connoisseur of lingering breaths, such as one Neil Armstrong took on the Moon and which returned to Earth with him. The breath considered in this story is much more obscure, perhaps meaning something only to one person. A nice conceit. And, all in all, a very fine ’zine."

Nice, eh? And Gary Wolfe says this about my "Fable from a Cage" in his review of Year's Best Fantasy 4: "Pratt [deals] with a thief who takes revenge on the witch who enchanted him (perhaps Pratt’s toughest tale to date, with a nicely nasty narrative voice)."

I am nicely nasty! Gary's one of my favorite reviewers, and I'm glad he liked my story.

What else... We babysat Aleister, Holly's son, last night. When he sees a cat, he meows, which is adorable. We took him for a walk, pushing his stroller around the neighborhood. Seeing the kid was fun, but a bit exhausting, and we only had him for two hours!

We've started watching season 1 of Millennium. Man, I loved that show, until it started turning to shit in its second season (and swirled completely down the drain in the third season). But now we're still in the golden era, when it was so unrelentingly dark, and Chris Carter's taste for stupidly elaborate conspiracy theories hadn't ruined the narrative consistency yet. Heather likes it, too.

A real estate broker showed our house yesterday. We still don't know whether we'll have to move. Heather's been looking at listings, and there are tons of good apartments near the lake in our price range, so if we do have to move, it's not horrible, just an inconvenience. We're still hoping that doesn't happen, though. We like where we live.

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