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Identity Theft
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Well, fuck. I got an account statement yesterday from my bank, notifying me that my joint savings account with Brian C. Brown had been closed. Which is all well and good, except I don't know anybody named Brian C. Brown, and I never opened a joint account with anybody. So I called the bank today, and eventually talked to people in the Identify Theft department, who are now investigating. The account was opened August 10th and closed August 31 and had no activity during that time, so there's no discernible damage, but it seems like a dry-run, a proof-of-concept, a "Can I get away with this?" feeler. Whoever opened the account had my SS#, but it's not like that's my Hidden One True Name; I take reasonable precautions, but shit, social security numbers just aren't that secure. It used to be my student ID number in college, for god's sake.

This is what I get for cleaning up my credit rating. Fuck. Now I get to worry about this for, oh, the rest of my life. Maybe the identity theft investigators will turn something up. Maybe whoever tried this is cataclysmically stupid. Let's hope.

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