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Red Western Moon
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The Rangergirl has landed! Last night I got the letter and marked-up manuscript from my editor. Her criticisms are valid, and her suggestions are good; it's going to be a much stronger book once I'm finished revising it, but I do have a fair bit of work ahead of me. There are some simple things to fix, and some not-so-simple things (mostly involving a too-sketchy relationship between two characters that needs to be strengthened), but it's all doable. I'm excited. I've been spinning my wheels for a few weeks, eager to do some work but hesitant to dive into some other project when I know Rangergirl changes were imminent. Now I can apply all the pent-up energy to the novel. I love writing in the autumn. And I'm going to Santa Cruz this weekend, which can't hurt, since that's where the novel takes place... I'll try to do at least a little editing at Pergolesi, the inspiration for the coffeeshop in the novel, just for the sense of closure (since that's where I started writing the story that became the book). I'm very happy with my editor -- she totally understands what I'm trying to do with this book, and wants to help me do it better. Yay! She also suspects I'm a cyborg, because I have no discernible stylistic tics. (The truth is, I just tear out all the stylistic tics by the roots during revision!)

We watched part of the lunar eclipse last night, and it was awesome. I have a little spyglass (a gift from Heather I received last year) that was perfect for getting a close-up view. Our back steps provided a great viewing location. The eclipse, and the recent discovery of the fossil remains of meter-tall humans on an island with komodo dragons and pygmy elephants, has really kindled my sense of wonder with the world. It's a good feeling.

I finished up my poetry book. Heather had some good organizational suggestions, which I implemented, and I'm quite happy with the finished volume. I sent it off to the Yale Younger Poets contest, and should hear back by next June. Wish me luck. If the book doesn't win (which is the most likely outcome, of course), there's a small-press publisher that might be interested in it. So I'm feeling good about poetry now, too.

Last night Heather and I had bruschetta and mozzarella and wine for dinner. Mmm, mmm! We always eat so well immediately after grocery shopping... tonight we plan to have fancy soup and sandwiches, assuming we can find a bakery nearby that will sell us some fresh-baked foccacia.

A final reminder -- Flytrap closes to submissions on Sunday. So if you have fiction submissions, send them. I still have a slot or two open.

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