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Fragments for the Dawn
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I fell asleep early last night, and as a consequence I woke around 6 a.m. this morning, so here I am. Morning, y'all.


Lazy going-around-the-web entry-making thing (picked up from Scalzi).

1. Open the music player on your computer.

2. Set it to play your entire music collection.

3. Hit the "shuffle" command.

4. Tell us the title of the first ten songs that play (with their musicians), no matter how embarrassing.

Here's mine:

1. "Time and Time Again", Counting Crows

2. "Coney Island", Death Cab for Cutie

3. "Back in Line", Rockwell Church

4. "You Part the Waters", Cake

5. "Good Enough for Granddad", The Squirrel Nut Zippers

6. "A Life of Arctic Sounds", Modest Mouse

7. "Sick of Goodbyes," Cracker

8. "Black Dress", Charlie Mars Band

9. "Designs on You", Old 97s

10. "Hotcha Girls", Ugly Casanova.

You can play along.


Oh, wait, I have real things to say after all. At least a couple of them. I got a check yesterday for my story "The Witch's Bicycle", which is being reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Sorcerer's Tales. It's good money, for a reprint, and I'd totally forgotten about the sale, so it's like money falling from the sky, just in time for holiday shopping -- it'll easily cover the printing costs for our next holiday chapbook, and then some. It looks like a great anthology, too. I discovered a lot of writers (Kim Newman, Howard Waldrop, and Nina Kiriki Hoffman among them) by picking up various Mammoth Book anthos when I was younger, so I hope some kids out there discover me the same way.


The protagonist of Rangergirl has a last name now, because some of the catalogue copy reads strangely without one. The surname probably won't even appear in the text of the novel, but my editor and I came up with one yesterday morning, and I'll share it with y'all now so you can win future trivia contests or something: it's McCarty. That was Billy the Kid's mother's maiden name (well, possibly just her last name -- the family history is a bit muddled). I like the name for a lot of reasons, but I won't bore you with the details. Only Heather has to endure listening to stuff like that.

Read/Post Comments (18)

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