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Water, Eyes
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Greetings, all! It's my once-fortnightly day off again. I went to get my first eye exam in four years this morning, and I'm still dilated -- it's only just worn off enough that I can look at my computer screen. I'm going to start wearing contact lenses again. I switched to glasses a few years ago when I was having bad allergies and watering eyes, but that hasn't been much problem for the past couple of years, so I decided to change back. The optometrist wanted to test my color vision for her records, and was quite impressed with the severeness of my color deficiency. :P She told me my kids wouldn't be colorblind, but half my grandsons would probably be. I thought color blindness was carried on the mother's side, and had no idea it skipped a generation...

Welcome to December, the month of stories. I'm hard at work on a couple of different things, and have vague hopes of finishing a short story today (not the lost things story, though -- that's a novelette at least, probably). I've been invited to submit to a new magazine that's opening up next year, and I'd like to send 'em something new and good. In other writing news, I typed in all my Rangergirl edits this past weekend, and sent it off to my editor, who will read it when she gets back from vacation next week. Cross your fingers for me.

I've been re-reading Straub's The Hellfire Club, an old favorite, and we're watching Sports Night on DVD, which is fun. It's cold outside lately, which means I should dig out my boots. Sandal season is over. I like winter, and I love sweaters and holidays and tea and fuzzy blankets and hot apple cider and my birthday. Things are good.

We have a new landlord now, and he seems like a cool guy, from our phone conversations. We're probably going to meet him this evening. There was a problem with the water bill, and when I called him about it today, he didn't scream at me or blame me, he just took care of it. I think this is going to be a great improvement.

There's a good interview with Sonya Taaffe over at The Mumpsimus. She's a writer to watch, y'all. I'm glad I finally have time to work on the introduction to her collection, now that I'm done working on Rangergirl.

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