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The Light of a Better World
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My day off was good. I edited the whole book. I still have to type in the changes, but I'll do that Saturday. Unfortunately, really productive writing days don't make for particularly interesting journal entries -- all I did was sit in a café, listening to good cowpunk on my iPod, and marking up manuscript pages. Later I relocated to my back patio and continued marking. Not exactly high drama. I also sent out a couple of short stories.

I got to see the finished art for the cover to Rangergirl. It's awesome. Desert-colored. Pulpy. With that cool faux-distressed worn look. It rocks. I'll post the cover up here as soon as I can.

I read an awesome story today, "What You Pawn I Will Redeem" by Sherman Alexie. Lovely writing, really beautiful, the sort of story that makes me want to do better things with my own work.

It's the perfect time of year out here, everything becoming springlike, and when we get home in the afternoon there's about half an hour of glorious late light, sunshine slanting in and limning everything in soft brightness, everything touched with these golden honey tones. It's the kind of light that makes me wish I was a painter. That light was one of the inspirations for the Bridge novel, because it's light that seems to shine in from a better world. I just sit on the couch by the windows and look at it until it fades, and it soothes me.

We're watching Wonderfalls on DVD (and it's very good), but Heather and I are continually struck by how much the lead actress, Caroline Dhavernas, looks like Heather's sister Holly. Eh, maybe the resemblance isn't so obvious in those two photos, but there are occasional shots on the show where Dhavernas looks utterly identical to Holly. (What's even more odd, in a way, is that Holly dabbled with acting, and starred in an afterschool special on television. Ah, the road less traveled...)

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