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Frog City
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My newest Bestiary poem, "Tlaltecuhtli", is up at Strange Horizons. There are a couple of lines in there I'm really proud of.

The weekend was bar-none wonderful. Heather and I cleaned the house on Saturday morning, a much needed dust-shaking and crap-unpiling. It's a real pleasure to be at home when everything is nice and clean. In the afternoon we met with the DJ who will be running music at our wedding (thank you, Michael Chabon, for reprinting "Hart and Boot" and giving me enough money to pay for a DJ). She's cool, and I think having her to announce various things will make the wedding run a lot more smoothly. We met with a photographer last week, a very cool guy who cut us a good deal. Things are gradually coming together, wedding wise, though there are still a million things to do. Heather's doing all the work. I'm just nodding in the right places and writing some of the checks.

Saturday evening we went to see Sin City. I can see why some people hate it; there are places where the writing (both dialogue and voice-over) is simply painfully bad. (Though I love Marv's line -- "I know it's pretty damn weird to eat people.") But it was pretty, and had several cool scenes, and appealed to the part of me that always has and always will love that wacky cartoonish violence.

Sunday we thought about going out, hiking, etc., but decided to have a lazy Sunday instead. We did some grocery shopping, then came home, got out the blender, and made a giant pitcher of margaritas. We sat out on the patio most of the afternoon, drinking and reading Rough Guides to Hawaii, trying to figure out some honeymoon plans. It's been ages since I got drunk on a sunny afternoon, and it was time well spent.

Otherwise, I spend the weekend reading Daughter of Exile by Isabel Glass (preparatory to reviewing the upcoming sequel), playing Prince of Persia (still fun, very pretty), watching episodes of The West Wing, walking around the Oakland waterfront, and generally making merry with Heather. Work-wise, I did some layout stuff on Flytrap, but not much in the way of fiction writing beyond some doodlings about the Bridge novel.

And now Monday has come 'round again.

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