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Carnivores, Splinters, War
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Merry Sunday, all!

I've been crazy-productive today. Flytrap is pretty much done -- we still need to write about 1,000 words of reviews, but that's easy enough. Layout's finished, editorial is written. After proofreading, we should be done, which means I can take it to get printed the first week of May. Hurray!

Went to get my hair cut yesterday, so my crazy clown hair has been beaten back for the next few months. Then we had lunch with the always-lovely Susan Marie, who is temporarily back from her never-ending travels. (We ate at a Himalayan restaurant. Mmm, momos!) Afterward, Heather and I headed over to Best Buy, that temple of consumerism, and bought games. I got the new Splinter Cell (which is awesome, exactly the kind of game I love). Heather finally broke down and bought World of Warcrack, so if you need her, she'll be running around fighting giant spiders and being elfin for the foreseeable future. I'm tempted by the game myself, but I know my own addictive personality, and I would never get a lick of work done if I played that game. Maybe after I finish writing the Bridge novel, I'll let myself play it for a while.

Otherwise, it's been quiet. We finished watching Season 4 of The West Wing. Good stuff, though I understand it goes downhill in later seasons, with Aaron Sorkin gone. C'est la vie. I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow, which will be given over mostly to reading. After spending today working on Flytrap, it'll be good to be off the computer for a while.

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