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Crab, Horsehead, Keyhole, Etc.
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Happy May 1st. Hope you had fun smashing the machinery of the state, uniting with your fellow workers, dancing around a maypole, celebrating Greek Orthodox Easter, etc.


We saw David Moles last week, on Wednesday I think. We took him to our favorite sushi bar, and he impressed us (and the owner) with his Japanese fluency. Also: yummy food. Talked to him a bit about his upcoming Twenty Epics antho, and it sounds like it's going to be good, which pleases me, since it's the anthology I'm currently most excited about this year (there are some potentially great SF anthos upcoming, but fantasy stands first in my heart).


None of the youngish turkish types won the Nebula Awards, but it was nice to see Eileen Gunn finally get some recognition (and for a great story), even if she did have to beat out our Greg to do it, and Walter Jon Williams won in the novella category, which is what I'd wanted -- it's one of my favorite Walter stories. Chris Rowe and Greg van Eekhout and Ben Rosenbaum are at the beginnings of very promising careers, and I suspect they'll have more chances to win. I remember when I lost the Nebula I wasn't much broken up about it -- it was just so cool to even be in the running!


I worked a bit on the Bridge novel today. The plan is to work on it very regularly and seriously for the next three months. So, as a little motivating goad for myself, I'm going to post my wordcount (cumulative and daily) on this journal.

Bridge novel word count: 6,000

Words written today: 500

I also wrote about 1500 words of reviews this weekend, and another 1000 words of Flytrap material (dead beginnings, reviews, etc.), so it was a productive couple of days.


I finished Splinter Cell (great game, I'll play through it again, probably) rather sooner than I'd expected. And with no other games that excite me on the horizon for several months... I broke down and bought World of Warcraft. It's crazy fun, and not as addictive as I'd feared, so I think it's going to be okay. I bought it this weekend, and still got plenty of housework and work-work and spending-time-outside done in addition to playing. It's nice to let my inner warlock run free.

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