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Better Wear Pants
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Oh, so many various things upon which to comment. Let's see. I finished going through copyedits, mostly in a marathon morning out on the back patio in the sunshine Saturday. Sunday morning I went through and did the few pages that needed more-than-tiny rewrites. Now it's all packaged up and ready to be FedExed back to my editorial masters. I also put in the last bits of Flytrap content. Now we just need to proofread, make corrections, and take it in to the printer. We should be on track for a WisCon debut, assuming we don't encounter printing disasters.

Speaking of WisCon, the Program Schedule is now online. Whoopee! Some interesting stuff this year, and some great readings. Should be a great con, especially since we're on the Governor's Floor this year, so we can hang out in the bar and drink there.

Having things to look forward to is a good way to endure difficult times. WisCon has been a shining beacon of goodness for both Heather and me for a while now.

I sold a story, "The Tyrant in Love," to Sean Wallace's new Fantasy Magazine, set to debut at World Fantasy. This story has sold a couple of times in the past, but the magazines folded before it could see print. Let's hope it's not a cursed story, and that Fantasy Magazine lives to see daylight. I think it's one of the better things I've ever written, actually.

I've also been told that my story, "Cup and Table," will appear in the Twenty Epics anthology. That's definitely one of the best stories I've ever done, and I wouldn't have written it if not for David and Susan's anthology, so I'm glad they decided to take it!

Astonishingly? Both the stories mentioned above are under 5,000 words. For a while I thought I was incapable of writing anything below novelette length, but that happily seems not to be the case.

Heather's got some good news, too -- she sold a story to the Nine Muses anthology!

It's been a good weekend. We went out for a nice dinner Saturday night (upon considering our restaurant choice, I said "They have cloth napkins. I'd better put on some pants," which amused Heather greatly). Afterward we ambled around Montclair, down through the park, to look at the ducks and whatnot, and then strolled across the footbridge that goes above Hwy 13, which gave me ideas for my Bridge novel.

We watched a movie, Elephant, which wasn't very good, though it did some things technically that I admired.

We played World of Warcraft, which has thus far been an effective motivating tool to make me do work -- I don't let myself play until I get shit done. There's something very strange about roleplaying a tailor, but there it is. I'm one hell of a tailor. (Also an undead sorcerer, so there's that.)

Happy Mother's day, to any mothers out there. I called my mom, who was at work, of all places. There's no justice in the world! We had a nice chat.

I'm reading Prime by Poppy Brite. Lovely stuff. Yum.

Erm... that's it. We're drinking chocolate stout now. Heather's making soup. We're having soup, salad, and grilled chicken to sprawl across the salad. Should be a nice night.

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