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I don't get my day off tomorrow. There's just too much to do at A Certain Magazine -- we go to press next Monday. So instead of sitting home in my underwear drinking margaritas and writing fiction all day, I'll be fully dressed at my desk in the Oakland hills, fiddling with the Nebula photo spread and writing news stories. Not so bad, really, though it does mean I have to do some work in the evenings this week that I would've saved for Wednesday. Ah, well. That just means I play less World of Warcraft, which is probably not a terrible thing. And I can take my day off next week instead, which makes it a three-day week (since I leave on Friday for WisCon. Ooh, sweet WisCon). So while in the short term I am made more tired by this turn of events, in the long term (ie, a week from now) it'll be pretty sweet.

Speaking of WisCon, well, yum. We should have copies of Flytrap in hand there, I'm going to do a cool reading with my peeps, I'm going to be on a panel and try not to sound too much like an idiot. I'm going to drink coffee, and watch people dance, and buy a cubic ton of books. I'm going to drink booze, and wave to people, and listen to smart people talk about interesting things. I kinda wish WisCon lasted a week or two, though, because there are many many people going that I'd like to spend time with, and there just aren't enough hours in the long weekend. So I'm going to wind up, for the most part, spending wholly inadequate amounts of time with as many of those people as possible. Ah, well. It's better than no contact at all.

Wedding planning continues. We've got the first pass on the guest list nailed down. We'll send out invitations, and if we get some negative RSVPs, we'll be able to invite some more people. This first round is family and very close friends. Some of the distant family members might not make it, which will open up space for more local friends. It's really hard, making a guest list. We want to invite about twice as many people as we have space for, so there's much gnashing of teeth, rending of garments, etc.

Otherwise, I've just been zipping around, doing housework, doing laundry, answering e-mails, signing and sending back contracts, and so on and so on, trying to clear all the stuff I'd been planning to do tomorrow.

I had an epiphany about my Bridge novel today. But, since one of my earliest epiphanies was the realization that one's own personal epiphanies are as boring to others as dreams or medical history, I'll refrain from sharing it with you. But I can say that I understand the overarching structure of the book a lot better now, and that makes me happy.

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