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'nother one
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Snatched from Heather.

Three names you go by:


Timothiotch (Scott and Dawson only)

Bop (Heather only)

Three screen names you've had (besides blog pseudonym):




Three physical things you like about yourself:


Hair (now that it's short)

Um... strong stomach? Sense of taste? I dunno.

Three physical things you dislike about yourself:

Egregious podge

Ugly big toe with malformed nail

Sensitive skin

Three parts of your heritage:


A wee bit of Cherokee

Dunno what else. Genealogy is a mystery to me.

Three things you are wearing right now:



Well. It's a Saturday. What do you expect?

Three favorite bands / musical artists:

The Decemberists

Rilo Kiley

Counting Crows

Three favorite songs:

Apology Song


Mrs. Potter's Lullaby

Three things you want in a relationship:

Sense of fun

Willingness to hermit-up with me

Compatible kink

Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeals to you:

Nice hips

Nice small of the back

Good smell (in addition to, ahem, the other things you'd expect)

Three of your favorite hobbies:


'zine layout

Wandering in bookstores

Three things you want to do really badly right now:

Drink margaritas

Lay in a hammock

Have a milkshake

Three things that scare you:



The possibility that love won't stay

Three of your everyday essentials:



Food (and shelter and water and etc.)

Three careers you have considered or are considering:




Three places you want to go on vacation:


New Orleans

North Carolina mountains

Three things you want to do before you die:

Write full-time

Snorkel in tropical waters

Have the most fun possible

Three ways you are stereotypically a guy:

Occasionally oblivious to the emotional states of others

Compelled to look at pretty girls on the street

Enjoy simulated violence

Three ways you are stereotypically a chick:

No sense of direction

Hopeless romantic

Don't give a fart in a windstorm for professional sports

Three celeb crushes: (bleah, don't like this question, but I suppose...)

Jewel Staite

Charisma Carpenter

Lisa Kudrow

Three people I would like to see take this quiz now:

No compulsory quizzes! Take it if you want.

Why am I taking so many quizzes this morning? Because we're about to head down to the South Bay for a while, and there's not time for me to do anything constructive or that requires thought...

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