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No Worries
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I hate going this long between journal entries. Everything runs together.

New news: Heather's story "Sick Days" is online at Fortean Bureau. Go forth and read.

Let's see. Last week Andy Duncan and his wife Sydney were in town, and they came up to my boss's house one evening. I didn't get to spend much time with them, unfortunately, just long enough to chat a bit and drink some of the bourbon Terry Bisson brought for us southern boys. Apparently I missed a lot of talk about the south, which is too bad; would've enjoyed that. But I had to go pick up my poor sick fiancée from the train station, and take her home, because she wasn't feeling up to socializing.

I did some writing this past week. I finished reading To Charles Fort, with Love by Caitlín Kiernan. I'm about to start Blink by Martin Gladwell. Have read some good short stories lately, really liked Eugene Mirabelli's "The Woman in Schrodinger's Wave Equations," nicely written, very sweet. (Some people have a problem with sweetness in stories. I don't, unless it seems artificial, and in this story, it didn't.) I've been working on the proofreading for Rangergirl -- did about 150 pages yesterday, plan to do another 150 pages today, should be easy to finish the rest over the course of the week. I should put it in the mail for them by Friday.

We successfully beat back the ants in the kitchen on one front, and now they've crept in from another direction. We're working on it. Our ongoing war with the ants lends a sort of martial air to everything.

Yesterday we went out to have lunch in the sunshine, but, alas, the back patio at Barney's was inexplicably closed. So we wandered up the street looking for another al fresco option, with no success, and wound up eating lunch at Fenton's Creamery, which -- in addition to amazing ice cream -- serves burgers-and-fries-and-such. All of which was adequate, but the ice cream was the real treat. Today we're doing brunch at the Blackberry Bistro, which is pricey but yummy, and we haven't been there in a while, so. This is the kind of thing we do on weekends when we neglect to go grocery shopping.

Not much going on, really. The weather is nice. Heather is gradually feeling better. We're watching episodes of Freaks and Geeks occasionally. Life is humming along, busy and pretty and nice and good. The wedding, and all the planning that remains to be done for it, is sort of looming there like a great looming panic-inducing thing, but aside from that, I feel practically worry-free.

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