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Ten Good Things; Being An Exercise in Perspective
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1. I successfully wrote a couple of reviews yesterday, and didn't miss my deadline, and I'm not even the last reviewer to turn something in this month.

2. Tonight, Heather and I will go play basketball. She will beat me at 1-on-1, but that's okay, because I have immense fun playing with her.

3. I get paid tomorrow, so I'll be less broke then, and I'll buy myself some good Chinese food.

4. We're watching the 5th season of Oz, and it's getting kinda silly in parts, but there are still narrative moments that utterly delight me. We've got a couple more episodes to go.

5. I'm almost to level 54 in World of Warcraft. Fear me and my pixellated wrath.

6. Margaritas. Oh, yes. That's right.

7. I'm going to be playing GTA: San Andreas for weeks, and it's going to rock.

8. I've got so many good books to read I can't decide which one to read first, and that's a good place to be in. Tonight I get to pick a new book to read. Maybe Air? Maybe something else? We shall see.

9. I do really like my novel, even if I'm not working on it enough. And when the problem is that I'm not working enough? That's easy to fix. I just have to work more. Pretty simple, actually.

10. I'm gonna get married. I'm gonna have a big party and my friends and family are going to come. My old buddy Dawson is going to perform the ceremony. We'll eat and we'll dance and we'll pose for photographs. My best friend is throwing me a bachelor party before the wedding. Heather and I are honeymooning in Hawaii afterward. Sure, there's a lot to do to make all that happen, but hell, it's life, and there's always a lot to do.

There are many small bad things in my life now. But there are also many small good things. There are no big bad things in my life now. There are many big good things in my life now.

I think my brain chemistry is starting to settle down.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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