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Oh, glorious weekend, wrap me in your sweet embrace.

Just got contributor copies of the newest Realms of Fantasy, containing the story I wrote with Greg, "Robots and Falling Hearts." We got a good illustration -- the woman in the story is illustrated pretty much like I imagined her, not too pretty, but determined. The best thing about publishing in Realms, for me, is the almost-always-fabulous illustrations.

I also got contributor copies of the new litzine from Prime Books, Jabberwocky, and it's so freaking cute! Pocket-sized, perfect-bound, and wonderful. Heaps of good stuff, stories and poems, and it includes my poem "Other Altars of the Heart" (which was the title poem of my senior honors thesis, lo some years ago in college). Jabberwocky will be publishing a few of my poems in future issues.

So now I'm all inspired and shit. Seeing your stuff in print, when it's presented beautifully, is a thrill that hasn't even begun to get old for me. I also got inspired by the much-linked interview with Kelly Link. (And that Oz theme park she mentions? I went there a few times in college, and have some great pictures of a visit I took there with two women I was in love with. I keep thinking I should write (in a heavily fictionalized way) about that day, and the circumstances that swirled around it, and the things that happened (and didn't happen) with both those women...)

Not sure what's happening this weekend. The house is kinda filthy, and shortly after waking I hauled down a few metric tons of trash and recycling, which entailed crossing the rickety board bridge from the bottom of our back steps, across the vast gaping hole that extends under the house, and over to the trash bins. There's lots of rebar forms built under the house now. I'm guessing they're going to pour concrete for a new foundation soon.

The weather's been brr brr cold for the past few days. O summertime, where have you gone? The sun's out now, though. Maybe it'll warm up.

We're out of tequila. How did this happen? Whatever shall we do?

We went over to the Parkway (my favorite theater in the world) the other night to see Crash, which I liked, though it's Yet Another Movie That Wants To Be Short Cuts. Some nice moments and nice lines and the vastly improbable coincidences that typify films of the Short Cuts-style of weirdly-interconnecting-plot-threads. Don't get me wrong, I kinda like that style of structuring a film, but it does make me roll my eyes at the convenience of the coincidences. I don't think I could get away with that many chance crossing-of-paths in a novel, not without some supernatural/synchronicity explanation for why the same small group of people keep running into each other over and over again.

While at the Parkway I got an idea for a good scene for the Bridge novel; a scene that will be set at the Parkway, actually. Does that mean I can write off the price of my movie ticket and beer and pizza?

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