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Whoo. It took all week, and I had to change viewpoint characters once, and then I had to change the point of view (from third person to first), and then I had to cut out several pages of middle (muddle) that I'd written, but finally I've got a draft of a story, "Jubilee", that's around 4,000 words. I'm fond of it. I'll type it up and revise it this weekend -- revisions shouldn't consist of much more than cutting out unnecessary blather and adding some sensory details. Let's hope the editors like it.

Heather had to run off to deal with wedding-dress-fitting stuff today, so I took a walk down to Lakeshore, bought some coffee and other necessities, and ambled over to Café di Bartolo, my favorite neighborhood café. I had a black cherry soda, and wrote and wrote and wrote. The dam broke, and it wasn't very difficult to write today.

Heather's heading off to her bachelorette party in about an hour. Have to figure out how to entertain myself tonight while she's gone. Maybe there's a movie showing that Heather doesn't want to see (Red Eye comes to mind). Or there's always World of Warcraft. Or I could start that other story I need to write...

Well, let's be honest. I'm either going to the movies or staying home for drunk video game playing. I wrote 3,000 words today, so I feel sufficiently virtuous to goof off all night.

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