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Well, hell, our morning is suddenly relaxing. We were supposed to go meet with the caterer at the wedding site at 10 a.m., but they called to cancel because of a family emergency (probably not a code word for "hangover," but who knows). We were already up and brewing coffee, so we didn't go back to bed or anything. Now we're just killing a few hours until it's time for me to go get my hair cut in Berkeley. Then we'll go to a pastry shop so Heather can buy some stuff to make candy mushrooms for the cake, and then we'll go to a tux shop. Heather and I are planning on going on a fancy ol' date tonight (for a given value of "fancy" -- a nice dinner someplace at least). What with all the wedding minutiae overtaking our lives, we feel it's important to remind ourselves what our relationship is really about: mutual aggrandizement! lissome frolicking! comfortable cohabitation! and all the other good stuff.

I finally updated my bibliography, mostly, anyway (non-fiction is still out of date). I've got a few stories out to various markets lately. Wish some of 'em would sell. Guess that's unlikely over this long weekend...

I'm a few thousand words into a story about stilts and cranes and bullies and madness and childhood. I had a title, but it doesn't really work for what the story's become, so I'll need to come up with something else. Hoping to get some work done on that this weekend. Also hoping to play lots of World of Warcraft, because it's a holiday weekend, so that seems appropriate.

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