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The October issue of A Certain Magazine was finished today. It's always nice to be done. There's a fascinating Ben Rosenbaum interview in it, so all y'all should pick it up and read it when it comes out. And in the November issue, my interview is running in the magazine! (Lord willing and the river don't rise.) Must remember to wear something presentable on Friday, for my interview photographs. Perhaps my robot Da Vinci t-shirt...

Terry Pratchett was up in the office today, getting interviewed, so once the issue was done in mid-afternoon the staff got to hang out with him, talk, drink wine and eat cheese, etc. Immensely pleasant, especially after grinding away to finish the issue on time.

Tomorrow's my day off (it would've been today, but deadlines intervened). It's not all eating bon-bons and playing World of Warcraft, though -- I have a to-do list. I've got to buy beer for the wedding, and pick up attendant gifts, and make the living room presentable for our meeting with the DJ tomorrow night. I also need to write my review of 20th Century Ghosts and get into reading Specimen Days for review. Should be a full day, but I'm sure I'll manage to get a milkshake at some point.

Heather made my to-do list. She's an organizational marvel. She's been so amazingly on top of things, planning-wise. If it left to me, I'd surely flake and leave everything to the last minute, but not Heather. Wedding guests: be glad I'm not in charge. We'd be eating cheetos in a convenience store parking lot and toasting with slurpees if I were running things, and we'd have to ask some passing street preacher to do the ceremony. Heather has this amazing capacity to get shit done. When she focuses on a project, really puts her energies into it, wow, it's impressive. I'm so lucky to have her. My own coping-with-life skills have never been finely honed, and Heather's the reason we live in a cool apartment and drive a decent car. I hate dealing with stuff like that so much that I'd move into the first available place and buy the first available car without any research, just to get it over with. I like to think I bring some good qualities to the marriage -- I'm happy to do most of the cooking, for one -- but Heather's the reason our trains run on time. I've been thinking a lot about marriage, lately, what it means (longtime readers know I'm a serious lover of rites-of-passage), and I think one thing it means is putting some trust in the abilities of your partner. I can keep half my information in her head. We instinctively defer to one another when one of us is better equipped in a particular area. It's immensely comforting, and I'm glad I found someone who complements me so well.

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