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First Wednesday
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So I feel vaguely silly for having a day off from work today, when I've only been to work one day in the past week. I thought about just going into the office, because I certainly have work to do. But, man, I really want to get over this cold, so when the time came, I just stayed in bed. Sleeping until 11 did wonders for me. My voice is mostly back, and I haven't coughed yet this morning, though my throat still feels very raw and ticklish. I swear, I do think it's just a cold, nothing more dramatic, but lack of rest, over-consumption of alcohol, and other worthwhile celebration-related factors kept it from getting its viral ass out of my system in a timely manner. Maybe its on its way out now.

Heather caught my cold, the poor blossom. Pure adrenaline (or something) kept her from getting sick before the wedding was over, but now that she's free and clear (except for being bound in matrimony, natch), she's sicker even than me. She lost her voice last night, and based on her wee croakings this morning, it's still gone. So we'll drink tea from our shiny new wedding mugs and try to heal. Now that we are married, we will have the same colds. (Actually, that's been the case since we started living together...)

The teapot (also a shiny new wedding gift) is whistling. Back in a moment...

So, my plans for today. Such ambition, such nobility. My plans are:

Drink tea.

Ply Heather with tea.

Eat some leftover wedding food.

Clean house a little, on account of it's messy, on account of we haven't had time to clean in more than a week.

Do some honest-to-gosh writing (or at least revising), which I haven't done in a loooong time, at least, not in noticeable quantities.

And there you have it. My first day off as a married man.

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