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Ugh. Ergh. Bleagh. Etc.
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Home sick today. My cold seemed to be getting better these past few days -- I've been able to breathe, and sleeping through the night -- but I woke this morning with a deeply entrenched head cold, the kind where it feels like your head is stuffed with wet cotton, and a monster headache. I got mostly caught up on things at work yesterday, so it's not too tragic that I'm home. Still, bleah. Hope I'm over this by the weekend. I'm going to Santa Cruz this weekend for a birthday celebration (and a radio interview on Saturday), and want to be well enough to drink wine and carouse.

Since I'm feeling pretty bleah, I've just been sitting around reading His Majesty's Dragon, drinking tea, and answering some e-mails and Rangergirl publicity stuff. I guess it won't be a totally wasted day -- it just feels like one.

My appreciation of "Over Yonder" by Lucius Shepard is up at the ED SF Project. Dave Schwartz is doing a good thing over there.

Nick Mamatas has his latest column up at Fortean Bureau, and it's a good one, challenging the conventional wisdom about publishing story collections.

Got a big box of Wheatland Press books today -- two contributor copies each of Polyphony 5 for Heather and I, my copies of TEL: Stories, and her copies of Nine Muses. Whoo!

I've made a little progress on xmas shopping. But not enough. And it's coming up quick! Gotta go to the post office soon. Maybe tomorrow.

I blame the cold for making my journalling extra-scintillating today. That's enough for now.

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