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Been on a comic-reading binge for the past couple of days -- don't know why. Probably because I'm hip-deep in this Mr. Li story (wrote 1500 more words yesterday, and a detailed outline; realized it's a novelette, drat). Picked up the first volume of Astro City on Tuesday night because I've been meaning to take a look at the series. Read it that night (along with the first collection of Ex Machina, which is okay, and the latest trade paperback collection of Y: The Last Man, which continues to be interesting). Loved it. Went out the next day and bought the next three collections, read those yesterday, mostly loved them too, especially the Confessor arc. Also reading some Wodehouse I got for Christmas, because Wodehouse is so utterly and completely readable, I pull it out whenever I'm standing in line or waiting for water to boil or what have you.

Oh, I also got the latest issue of Optic Nerve, lovely as always, though it's the middle of a three-part story and it'll likely be a year before the last part comes out. Ah, well. I'll read 'em all sequentially once part three appears. Should take about twenty minutes.

So this has been my life lately: read comics, write, clean the house. Not such a bad life, all things considered, and a fair way to end the year. (Also, buying all those comics here in the last week of December? Tax deductions for 2005, baby.)

I might, possibly, finish the Mr. Li story (and my short untitled time-travel story) before year's end. If I decide to work on Saturday, instead of just getting my drunk on all day.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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