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In the Border Lands
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The Borderlands reading went quite well. Heather and I bopped across the bay around noon, walked a few blocks to the store in the rain, and ran into Lisa G. and Avon, whom I'd never met before, right outside. I chatted with Alan and Jude, bought some tiny moleskines (I like having a tiny notebook to carry in my pocket for notes, phone numbers, etc.), browsed, petted the hairless cat, and admired the rearrangements, which allow for more bookcases and yet somehow create the impression of more open space.

I finally met Jeremy Lassen, one of my publishers at Night Shade, and really enjoyed his company.

Lots of people came. More people than there were chairs, which is the mark of a successful reading, if you ask me! My whole writing group came, and Jed came up from Mountain View, and Scott and Lynne came up from Santa Cruz. Best of all, about half the audience was people I didn't know. I take this as a positive sign.

Alan introduced me, and I sat at the table and babbled a bit (Heather says it wasn't too babbly), and then read most of chapter 3, "Smoke Out", in which Beej collects items for a ritual and summons an aspect of the earthquake god. The funny bits got laughs, and people clapped, so I guess it went well. I answered questions (and no crazy people asked me if I thought aliens had created the pyramids, so that was cool). Then I signed books, and talked to people, and lingered around, etc.

Eventually cat-herding commenced, and about a dozen of us set off in search of food, led by Jeremy. We wound up at the Pork Store. Mmm. Cheeseburger. It was a great meal, lots of good conversation, and I don't remember when I've more enjoyed a large-group social interaction. After a while the party broke up, and Scott and Lynne drove Heather and me back across the bay. They sat around with us at home for a while, but couldn't stay long, unfortunately.

The rest of the evening was spent watching Battlestar Galactica (almost done with season 2 now), and playing Book Lover's Trivial Pursuit (at which, not to be immodest, I totally kicked ass).

Next week I'll do Writers with Drinks, which will be an entirely different kind of fun (and more alcoholic to boot). I think I'll read the sex-in-mud scene for that.

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