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Guilty Pleasures
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There's a "Guilty Pleasures" memething going around, which I find interesting, because defining a particular pleasure as "guilty" tells us something about the person doing the defining. So here's my own soul laid bare sidewise, with the pleasures I find guilty:

1) Culinary: Kraft macaroni and cheese mixed with ground beef. It's comfort food drawn up from the deepest recesses of my childhood, probably.

2) Literary: So many choices, but last night I was seized by a profound desire to re-read Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time books (I stopped reading them in college, around book 7, but now that I know the series is near its conclusion, I will almost certainly read them all). They've got flaws. Lord, I know, I've told enough people about them. But I spent a lot of time in that world, and sometimes feel a yearning to return.

3) Audiovisual: Project Runway. I have an avowed hatred of reality shows, but I really like that one, even though I don't care two farts in a windstorm about high fashion. I can't explain it, and now my shame is revealed. I would say "bad horror movies" but I don't actually feel a bit guilty about that.

4) Musical: Every once in a while, when no one else is around, I still rock out to some old school Guns 'n' Roses.

5) Celebrity: Hrm. Can't think of any. I used to feel guilty about knowing the names of several porn stars, but being married to a smut-peddler has washed away any trace of that.

(I didn't think there were enough categories here, or intrusive enough ones, so I've added a couple more).

6) Alcoholic: I drink hard lemonade like it's soda pop (if I were the type to drink soda pop). Which is why I seldom buy it. I'm pudgy enough already.

7) Pharmacalogical: If it were readily available and socially acceptable, I'd drop acid or eat 'shrooms ten or twelve times a year.

8) Philosophical: I find the Epicurean philosophy very appealing -- pleasure is the only good, pain the only evil. I have problems with it once I start thinking about it more deeply (hence the "guilty" part), but it is a principle I frequently return to when trying to figure out what's important in life...

9) Sexual: [Nah, some things are better left to the imagination.]

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