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The Sweet Life
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Some good things:

Heather got some great good news -- she's going to be in the Year's Best Fantasy 6! I'm also in that anthology, which makes it even more cool -- we're a Year's Best couple! PrattShaws representin'. Go congratulate her, if you haven't already. It's a big step for her, and she's very excited about it.

I'm reading the new Stephen King novel, Cell, and like most Stephen King novels, it's utterly compulsively deliciously readable. I don't want to do anything but sit around and read it. Alas, I have other responsibilities. But I'll finish it this weekend I'm sure. I'll be reviewing it for A Certain Magazine.

Rangergirl is the #2 bestseller at Clarkesworld Books. Does this mean I can claim to be a bestselling author now? Hmm?

Heather and I went out last night with David and Jed and Susan G. and Matt. David's moving to Switzerland soon, so this is the last time we'll see him before, hmm, Wiscon, actually, so that's not so bad. We ate thai food and talked, then drank booze in a bar and talked, then wandered around on the street and talked. Also got a wedding present from David, of the deliciously alcoholically drinkable variety! A really nice night. I wish I could spend more time with all those people.

If you heeded my oft-repeated advice and listened to some music by Rilo Kiley (and liked it), you should run out (or run over to itunes) and get Rabbit Fur Coat by Jenny Lewis (one of the vocalists for Rilo Kiley) and the Watson Twins. Heather likes it even better than Rilo Kiley. I like it about as much. Either way, that's a lot of liking something.

My writing workshop is this weekend, so I'll finally get to meet Susan L.'s new baby! Also, the workshop is critiquing my story "Morris and the Machine", which means I don't have to do any reading or critiquing for the meeting! Ha ha! Leisure!

Our new coffee maker is awesome, and the timer is great. We wake up each morning to the smell of coffee filling the house. Mmm.

And, a brief foray into my World of Warcraft obsession -- I'm getting very close to acquiring a raptor mount for my undead mage. (If that doesn't make sense to you, carry on. But if it does make sense, you probably know how difficult and cool it is.) I was thinking it would take me several more weeks of play to reach that goal, but I could theoretically get the raptor within another week or two, if things keep going as well as they have been (lots of good drops lately, which means lots of money to buy things I can turn in for reputation with the trolls).

Also? I didn't even have to use my AK. I have to say, it was a good day.

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