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Raptor Rapture
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If you don't care about World of Warcraft, the MMORPG with the mostest, then move along, nothing to see (unless you like liches, dinosaurs, airships, etc.; in which case, sure, stay).

In this game, I mostly play an undead mage. Normally, the undead ride undead horses (makes sense). And while undead horses are cool, dinosaurs are also cool. Trolls get to ride dinosaurs. Lucky cannibalistic bastards. The undead are pretty much despised, even by their allies, and so I had to spend many weeks ingratiating myself with the trolls, doing various tasks for them, and making many donations to their cause, before they decided to accept me as one of their own -- basically welcoming me as an honorary troll. I reached that exalted status last Sunday, and managed to scrape together enough money (mostly by killing and looting foul, foul satyrs) to pay for some raptor riding lessons, and finally to buy a lovely violet raptor (which I've not yet named). Here are some screenshots of my undead mage astride her raptor (all clickable for bigger versions):

Here my mage and raptor are loitering outside a particularly monster-filled cave on a volcano. Because that's how they roll.

Here my mage notes that, though her raptor is cool, there are bigger, cooler, scarier dinosaurs in the world.

And here my mage surveys the city, beneath a lovely airship.

Man, what a cool game.

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