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... our car could still be totally broken! After running fine for a couple of days, it stopped dead in downtown Oakland this morning, in the torrential rain. Sigh. The battery was stone dead -- the hazard lights wouldn't even come on. So we called Triple A, and Larry came to attempt to rescue us. Larry, who actually works on and understands cars, opened it up, looked at my battery, fiddled with some things, charged the battery, had me start and rev the car, and told me my alternator was busted. Ah, yes. That does explain the repeatedly-dying battery, doesn't it? He charged the battery and said I could try to race over to my mechanic before the car died, but the idea of zooming through wet streets in peak commute hours with a car that might simply die at any moment didn't appeal, so we opted to call a tow truck. Naturally, this being downtown Oakland, the tow truck was slow in coming, but at least it arrived before noon. Heather took BART to work, and I rode with the tow truck over to our friendly and trustworthy mechanic, Reco. I like Reco, but I've been seeing him way too often lately. I left the car in his capable hands, went and got some lunch on Piedmont Ave., sat in a café and drank apple cider and looked at the rain, and finally -- when the rain paused -- walked back home (haven't been exercising much lately, and a two-mile walk is easier than going to the gym). And here I sit. The car should be ready sometime this afternoon, and it isn't too expensive, all things considered. Wish I'd realized the alternator was the problem earlier. Ah, well. I am not without skills and talents, but car knowledge is something I lack.

This wasn't supposed to be my day off -- it should've been tomorrow -- but I called work and they were okay with me taking today off instead. Not exactly the way I wanted to spend my day off, but it could be worse. Sitting around waiting is good for getting reading done, at least.

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