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You haven't had enough wine.
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Work work work work thud.

Thank every heaven for wine.

We finished the May issue of A Certain Magazine today. It was a rough month. Many obituaries. Lem, Morressy, Spark, Wells, Stemple. Much sadness. Three interviews (with Scott Westerfeld, Holly Black, and Kenneth Oppel) instead of the usual two, so that was a third more editing, intro-writing, etc. than usual. Plus all the usual news, layout, and so forth. And I didn't even have to do anything on the special YA supplement, which does look like it turned out really well, though. If y'all are interested in YA stuff, you should definitely pick up the May issue when it comes out in a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow's my day off, and I hope to make some progress on my spelling bee story, and revise my axe story, and wash dishes, and do various other improbable things. It will be nice to have a day off that's not spent at the mechanic's waiting for my car.

How did it get to be Wednesday night already? I feel like I hit the ground running at work on Monday morning and didn't stop until, hrm, three hours ago. I've barely read anything. I've watched a little TV, I guess. I've done some Tropism Press work, but only a little. But the next couple of weeks should be comparatively restful, and in, what, three weeks? I'm off to Ohio for a writing workshop. Which reminds me, I should finish reading stuff for that workshop... and maybe consider taking some notes...

Here's my plan, because I know y'all love hearing about my plan. Tomorrow, slam out a draft of my spelling bee story. Maybe possibly revise my axe story -- if not tomorrow, then sometime soon. This weekend, write four reviews (books have been piling up). Next week, get Jenn's chapbook done, so that, next weekend, I can take it to be printed. The next week, get Flytrap 5 finished, so I can take it to be printed, probably on my next day off. In among all that, read stuff for the workshop. Hmm. It all sounds so reasonable and doable when I write it down like that... Wish me luck.

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