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Two Things Day
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Happy Blog Against Heteronormativity Day! Grr, Heteronormativity! Feh on you!

More seriously, yeah, I'm pretty down on enforced gender roles, the apparent necessity of simple (usually dichotomous) definitions of sexuality/relationship philosophy/etc., and I personally get a little squirmy on the rare occasions when it's necessary to define my own sexuality in a word. (I need at least two words, and even then I'm really being kinda vague). I do my bit, or try to, by having characters with fluid ideas of sexuality in my books and stories pretty often.

Also, yes, Earth Day. Assuming the Earth cooperates by giving us a sunny day, we'll take a walk down to the farmer's market and pick up some of said Earth's bounty. (Walk, not drive, because it seems rude to fart in Earth's face on her day.) Heather will likely do some gardening. Aside from the sad necessity of a car we commute in, we try to leave a pretty small ecological footprint anyway -- we recycle scrupulously, avoid fast food, etc. We don't even control the heat in our apartment, so we can't waste heating oil if we want to! So we'll keep doing more of the same. I do hate having a car, though it's not a gas-guzzler. Once our ship comes in financially, we plan to buy a hybrid. (The only kind of hybrid we can afford to buy right now is a tangelo. Mmm, tangelo.)

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