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Whine Racks
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Hey, lookit -- The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl placed in the top 5 of the Locus Awards in the first novel category. Here's the complete list of finalists in all the various categories. The winners will be announced in June at a ceremony at the SF Museum in Seattle, the same weekend as the SF Hall of Fame inductions. (Some of you might suppose, based on the fact that I work for A Certain Magazine, that I might have an even more specific idea of where exactly in the top five my novel placed. On this, I have no comment.)

I've been playing X-Men Legends 2 on the Xbox (Xmenbox!) the past couple of nights. I'm happy with any game that lets me play Juggernaut, really, which was why I wasted so many quarters on Marvel vs. Capcom back in the day...

I wrote a review last night. I've been in a non-fiction writing, layout-doing mood lately. Not so much feeling the fiction, though I do expect to plink away at the ongoing spelling bee story some more this week.

I spent all day at work today in the basement -- pardon me, the wine cellar -- attaching wine racks to the walls. (It wouldn't have taken all day, but it's an unfinished wall, so first I had to build enough wall to attach the wine racks to.) Dirty dusty on-my-feet-all-day work. For the first few hours, it was a nice break from being on the computer. But soon I began to remember that this was the sort of work I went to college to avoid. Ah, well. At least I don't have to do stuff like that every day. And I got to listen to many hours of the audiobook of In Cold Blood, which I've never read, and which is marvelous.

Several of you have pre-ordered the Zodiac chapbook. You have my profound thanks! In this way, printing bills are paid! And for those of you who haven't yet pre-ordered, make with the clicky-click. (It's strange. I'm never very comfortable pimping my own work, but when it comes to promoting fine writing by fine writers (like Jenn Reese) that I'm publishing, I have no qualms at all! Apparently I'm not above nesting parentheses, either.)

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