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The Desert and the Stars
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The weather's been so nice lately (hurray!) that Heather and I have been skipping the gym in favor of walking in the evenings. It's much nicer to stroll down to the lake than to run on a treadmill next to smelly strangers. Last night we finally tried a restaurant we've been eyeing for ages, Holy Land. Great stuff, and pretty cheap. Best falafel I've ever had, good hummus, tasty shwarma, very good fresh lemonade. I'm sure we'll go there often (though they're closed on Saturdays for the Sabbath, and only open until sundown on Fridays, both prime dining-out times for us, so it won't be that often).

The Zodiac chapbook is done, done, done -- except for, you know, being physically printed. Last night I made final corrections, made sure everything was pretty, and made it into a high-res PDF. Either tonight or tomorrow we'll take it to be printed, and should (barring disaster) have copies ready in plenty of time for WisCon. Whee! Heather deserves extra praise for this one -- she talked with Jenn about editing, figured out the order for the stories (in consultation with the author, of course), and helped with art direction. She's also going to be picking out the cover (since I'm color blind, and would doubtless pick some horrid shade of red instead of a nice pleasing red). I tend to be the more public face of Tropism Press, but Heather contributes equally, and I want everyone to know that!

I'm excited. It should be a very pretty book. (I'm also nervous, but I'm always nervous before things get printed. I fear printing disasters.)

This weekend we're planning to spring clean. Beat rugs, scrub floors, shift piles! Wish us luck.

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