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Yesterday Was Monday
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So today must be Tuesday.

The June issue of A Certain Magazine went to press today. I missed most of the work on this issue, being off in Ohio last week, but the last two days were as hectic as always. Glad it's done, and the next couple of days should be relatively relaxing... until I fly off for WisCon on Friday! This has been a hellaciously busy month already, but I'm having a great time with most of the busy-ness, so I'm not complaining.

I wrote two stories while I was at Blue Heaven, one 6,000 words long, one 7,000 words long. (The shorter of the two I wrote entirely while waiting in airports and flying on airplanes last Sunday; the other I wrote here and there during spare moments at the workshop.) They're both erotica, and I already have a market for one of them. Don't know where I'll send the other, but it needs a little work anyway. My pseudonymous work lives on!

My story "Impossible Dreams" from the July issue of Asimov's is getting a lot of talk online. Jonathan Strahan reviews it here; Tangent covers it here; and there's a fair bit about it at the Asimov's message board. Apparently people mostly dig it! I'm glad.

Tonight I went for a walk with Heather, and caught up on some e-mail, and backed up files on my computer, and switched my e-mail over to Thunderbird, and watched some television (last week's Lost and Dr. Who), played with the cats, did some laundry, talked to my Mom on the phone, etc. It was a good evening.

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