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Mmm, sweet day off, how I needed you. And now you're nearly done. Alas!

Rose very early to take Heather to a dentist's appointment in Berkeley. Returned home, considered sleeping, thought better of it. Got e-mail from an old dear friend, Rhonda, who I haven't spoken to in at least eight years. (Old friends are popping up all over the place lately! Specifically women I was once involved with / infatuated with / crushed-out on / etc.) Rhonda and I dated very briefly during my sophomore year in college, but she left school unexpectedly between semesters, and we gradually fell out of touch. I always missed her, but googling her didn't do much good (I knew she'd gotten married, but didn't know her new last name, which made it extra tricky). But, a couple of days ago, she got the urge to google me, and now, we're back in touch! Very lovely. I've missed her.

I spent the morning typing some handwritten stuff, corresponding with various people (including my agent and editor), etc. I got an acceptance in the early afternoon for one of the smut stories I wrote at Blue Heaven -- and it's the perfect amount of money to pay for a dental bill Heather has upcoming soon. Life is sometimes full of strange little idiosyncrasies like that.

I got a wee bit stir-crazy and went out for lunch. The weather's gorgeous, so I ambled on Piedmont Ave. for a while, had some lunch, read a bit of Alan DeNiro's Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead, which is really good.

Back home, I wrote a review of Ramsey Campbell's Secret Story, which I think is the most accessible thing he's written in years. Also washed some dishes, swept, took out some trash, and generally did my best to combat the unstoppable forces of household entropy. It's an unwinnable battle, but you've gotta fight the good fight. I chatted with Heather on the phone -- she has to work late tonight. Alas. But that means I have an extra hour to work before I get to hang out with my wife, so I suppose I'll plow through some more Flytrap submissions...

My to-do list has a to-do list, and the only item on that to-do list is "Update your to-do lists, slacker!" It's all very recursive, but that's what days off are for.

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