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More praise for "Impossible Dreams", apparently the new fan and reviewer favorite of my stories:

Among the shorter stories I particularly liked Tim Pratt's "Impossible Dreams", a "mysterious shop" story. This time the shop is a video store, with treasures such as the director's cut of Orson Welles's The Magnificent Ambersons, and the George Raft version of Casablanca. That's the hook, and Pratt sets it with a sweet romance between two movie nuts: the geeky young man who discovers the shop, and the girl at the counter. [Rich Horton, Locus, June 2006]


Another excellent contribution this issue is "Impossible Dreams" by Tim Pratt, a corny but very effective transdimensional love story: a lonely film buff enters a video store he's never noticed before, and is startled to find treasures there that can only stem from exotic timelines: Orson Welles's uncut The Magnificent Ambersons, a differently cast Casablanca, and so forth. The magical portal to the store appears for shorter and shorter periods; the store clerk emerges as a kindred soul; and it's not difficult to guess the rest. Yet the cinematic details are fascinating, and the emotional connections ring true. [Nick Gevers, Locus, June 2006]

Both Nick and Rich included the story in their "Recommended Stories" lists for the month.

Want to read it, but loathe paper or otherwise have trouble getting the actual printed copy of Asimov's it's in? You can buy the whole issue at for a measly $4. The issue also includes a good Paul Melko story and a bunch of other stories I, um, actually haven't read yet. But there's some Ian McDonald and Kathe Koja in there, so how can you go wrong?

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