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Whoo. I've been feeling kinda out of it for the past few days. Summer cold. Everything's been kind of blurry and weird and too bright, but I seem to be getting over it. I was actually feeling better on Sunday, and so I decided to try organizing our books (incrementally). I managed to get the non-fiction in order and shelved, but kicked up a ton of dust in the process, which made my sinuses go crazy, and I've been sneezing ever since. Ah, well. This too shall pass. Also got a couple of short story rejections, alas.

But there were good things as well. Our weekly stroll to the Farmer's Market, and breakfast at the Coffee Mill. Got my hair cut on Saturday, and had a wonderful dinner with Heather at Cafe de la Paz. Sold some used books. Bought a new blender. (Heather is a smoothie-making pro already.) Began watching the first season of Veronica Mars on DVD (we like it a lot). Saw the wonderful season 2 premiere of The Venture Brothers. Played with my nephew in the back yard. Read Tom Piccirilli's new novel, The Dead Letters, which is very fine. Wrote a few short-shorts (about 1200 words total), in an ABCedeary collaboration Heather and Greg and I are doing (it's really awesome so far). Drank black cherry cream sodas. Napped a lot, because I was feeling poorly, but, hey, naps are still good, whatever the motivation.

In all, a good weekend, even if I could've wished for better energy levels. And the next couple of weeks should be fun -- I'm off work this Wednesday, and have a nice long four-day weekend after that, with a trip to Santa Cruz planned. Summer is starting off nicely, even as the days grow ever shorter...

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