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Margaritas and Popcorn
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Good weekend! (They usually are.) I managed to answer every single outstanding e-mail in my inbox, send out a few Flytrap orders, and clean the house (with Heather's able assistance). I didn't write, but, well, hell, I can't do everything. I'm not made of magic.

Writing group met on Saturday, and it went well. Margaritas and chips and chat and critiquing and then a big dinner afterward. Having seven people in my living room makes me feel like I live in a very small place, though. It's not really all that small, but it's filled with bookshelves and furniture and whatnot, so when people come over they sorta have to squeeze into the interstices.

I read Chris Roberson's Paragaea: A Planetary Romance, and it's fun, with lots of cool stuff in it (air pirates riding pterosaurs!), but I didn't find any of the protagonists emotionally engaging, so in the end it left me cold. Now I'm reading Widdershins by Charles de Lint. I'm not very far into it, but it's very cool so far. Oh, and I recently read an advance copy of Pratchett's next Tiffany Aching YA, Wintersmith, and it's awesome, as might be expected.

We did our stroll down to the farmer's market on Saturday, with our customary weekend breakfast. We walked down that way on Sunday, too, and saw The Devil Wears Prada at the Grand Lake Theater. The movie was fine. Meryl Streep was awesome. Maybe I should write a transparent roman a clef about my time working for a magazine editor! But somehow I doubt it'd be a bestseller and spin off into a movie...

On DVD we've been watching the second season of Entourage. Short, funny 25-minute episodes -- like eating popcorn. Mmm, popcorn.

Wednesday is my day off, and I'm hoping to finish off this fantasy story I've been working on. I think I see how it's going to play out, and it should be pretty cool. Then... I think I'm done writing stories for a bit, at least until I get jumped by a great idea. I'm itching to work on a novel again. I'll probably do the sequel to Blood Engines, which I've been getting mentally geared-up for. Might as well get it written so I don't have to worry about it anymore, even though it's not going to be due for quite a while. Then I can write that SF young-adult novel without feeling like I'm shirking.

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