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Smooth and Cold
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I'm wearing my new t-shirt today. It's "Elliott's New Friend" from Big Ape. I like it. It's subtle, and speaks powerfully to my '80s sci-fi movie nostalgia.

Today should have been my day off, but I switched with a co-worker who has some stuff to do today, so I'll be off work tomorrow. I could have taken Tuesday off instead. Yesterday I rued -- rued! -- my decision to put my free day off until Thursday, but I'll be happy about it tomorrow morning, I guess. Delaying gratification is rather alien to me.

Heather and I have been making a conscious effort to eat less atrociously lately. We've been eating lots of salads (which is nice in this heat). Last night we did a salad with grilled chicken and a dressing of chili powder, garlic, lime juice, and olive oil, which was quite yummy. We've been making lots of smoothies, too, which seems to satisfy the same (near-constant) craving I have for ice cream. Who knew my desire for milkshakes could be slaked by yogurt and frozen bananas and cherries and strawberries blended up real fine?

After talking with Heather about it, I've settled on what to write next. I'll do Ferocious Dreamers. That's the book which has actually been bought by an editor, after all, and finishing a draft of it in the next few months would greatly ease my mind. It's also the most fully-formed of the ideas jostling for my attention; it's ripe, so I'll pluck it.

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