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Sweet Buffalo
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My weekend in one sentence: Scott and Lynne visited, and we ate buffalo!

In several more sentences... they arrived on Friday night, and we took them out to Crogan's in Montclair, where we feasted on various forms of sea life (coconut prawns, crab sandwich, fish and chips, etc.) and other delicious animals and vegetables. Mmm. Then we returned home and commenced to drinking and chatting and playing video games until the wee hours. Saturday morning I woke rather early, considering the quantity of beer I'd consumed the night before, and took The Avram Davidson Treasury and a cup of coffee down to the back patio, where I read and sipped until everyone else was up and around. We ambled down toward the lake, pausing to peruse a yard sale, where Heather acquired several cute flowerpots painted with butterflies. After heading back home to drop off the pots, we returned to our original path, and got some breakfast before visiting the Farmer's Market.

Oh, the deliciousness! We bought sweet corn, and portabella mushrooms, and a big hanger steak, and a smaller buffalo steak, and some chipotle sausages, and peppers, and etc. Then we dragged it all home and marinated things! We hung out, watched some weird cartoons, and eventually went into the backyard to play cards and get the grill going. Then began the festival of yum. Felt like we ate for hours. The buffalo was quite good -- I'd never had that before. We stayed on the back patio playing Trivial Pursuit (not the book lovers' version!) until it started getting dark, then retired upstairs to finish the game.

We stayed up late, and slept in on Sunday. After rising, stumbling, and guzzling coffee, we had brunch, and played a last game of cards, and then they had to go. Sigh. Always such a shame to see good friends leave. But it was a wonderful weekend, with lots of good conversation to go along with the food and booze and games.

Heather and I actually managed to get some stuff done in the afternoon and evening -- housework, reading, soothing our traumatized cats (they still get pretty freaked-out when we have visitors over).

I never want weekends to end, but I was especially sad to see this one go.

Oh, and I did lose the Mythopoeic award, but I lost it to Neil Gaiman's wonderful Anansi Boys, so I don't mind.

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