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We adopted a new cat! Heather has the details, and links to pictures. Her name is Freybug (which doesn't exactly go with our other cat names, Marzipan and Zanzibar, but we couldn't think of a three syllable name with a "z" that we liked, so we went wild). "Freybug" is the name of a monstrous black dog from English folklore, which menaced travelers around Norfolk -- but we just think it's a cute name. We got her from a feral cat organization, but she's not actually feral; her mom was.

Frey's foster parents called her "Queenie" because she's fearless and imperious, and we suspect she'll wind up ruling the house once she grows up a bit. We've introduced her to the other cats, and there was the expected hissing and so forth, but no real violence. They should integrate okay, since she's female, and the other two are males, and probably won't see her as a rival. It'll just take a while for them to get used to one another.

She's adorable, and tiny, and frisky. She's staying in the bedroom for now, so the other cats don't beat her up, and she didn't even torment us overmuch as we slept. Unlike our other cats, which are neurotic shelter babies, Freybug grew up in a house with people, and is quite well socialized. Which means houseguests might actually see her, unlike our other cats, who mostly hide behind the stove when we have visitors.

I got a tiny bit of work done over the weekend, but mostly I just relaxed. We skipped writing group on Saturday because Heather had a monster of a headache, but she felt better (mostly) on Sunday, so we had brunch, and fell in love with the kitten, and generally had a nice day.

In other news: We picked up Greg's chapbook! And, as I suspected, the super-cheap quote we were given turned out to be a mistake. It cost about as much as we'd originally anticipated, though, so it wasn't a particularly rude awakening. And the books look great! Order now, and we'll try to mail them out before Worldcon.

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