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That thing that happened at Worldcon.
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With Harlan and Connie Willis. Yeah. I didn't see it personally. But I heard from enough people who did to get the gist. And, yeah: very bad, and emblematic of deeper badness. Heather got her ass grabbed by a notorious dirty old pro at a party in Anaheim (I didn't discover this until later -- she actually thought I had grabbed her ass, but, alas, no). I know plenty of women in the field who've had to fend off such intrusions/assaults, and it fills me with blazing geysers of fury, it really does. I want to believe that we SF writers are better than that. Honestly, I expected better of Harlan -- yes, he's a controversial figure who provokes strong feelings, etc., but I always thought of him as a feminist and champion of women's rights. I'm even more depressed about all this because of that. But even putting this particular incident aside, it's an institutional problem, this manhandling and sexism, and maybe just waiting impatiently for the worst offenders to die isn't the best way to deal with it.

David Moles has a good round-up of discussions related to this. And, as for where I stand: what Ben said.

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