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Time Pirates
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Kathy Sedia reviewed Greg van Eekhout's chapbook Show and Tell and Other Stories at her blog. (Buy a copy! I'm mailing several tomorrow, so order now and get yours quick!)

The new world order is upon us. Starting in a couple of weeks, I'm switching to four days a week at my day job. I should have every Wednesday off, though in practice that day will shift around a little to accomodate issue deadlines. I expect this to help my writing productivity quite a bit, and to increase my happiness exponentially. Should give me more free time to hang out with Heather on nights and weekends, too!

Writing and so on continues nicely. I seem to have fallen out of the habit of meticulously documenting my wordcounts and such here. Do you, my beloved readers, even care about that stuff? I used to track word counts here as an informal work diary, but now I have a real work diary (because I live in fear of being audited) to track my progress, so I talk about it less here, I guess. I wrote some fun scenes in the Dream novel over the weekend, producing a few thousand words on Saturday morning. The scenes are starting to pile up in my mind faster than I can write them, which is a good sign. The book has momentum!

Over the past few days I got rejected from Interfictions (which is okay; that story has never been anywhere else, so it will have many other chances to be rejected) and from Chizine. I'll send the poor forlorn stories back out into the world. It's the biz.

Yesterday Heather and I went to the mall and saw Little Miss Sunshine. Pretty good! I liked Steve Carrell's performance a lot. We wandered around and looked at hideous couches (yech). I bought the new Year's Best Fantasy and Horror and read all the summations while Heather looked at jewelry and such. Next I'll devour the fiction. Yum. It's my favorite anthology, every year.

I bought the new version of Sid Meier's Pirates! for the Xbox for Heather. She likes computer games, but finds sitting at her computer for long periods of time painful, so I wanted to get her something fun she could play on the couch. She seems to like it a lot, and it's fun to watch her play. Last night she beat the crap out of Henry Morgan, who was, inexplicably, captaining Queen Anne's Revenge. So now Queen Anne's Revenge is Heather's ass-kicking, grapeshot-flinging flagship.

And a good time is being had by all.

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