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N is for Neville
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Me? I've got the ennui. It's like a spectral leech is attached to the back of my skull, sucking out my enthusiasm. There are several contributing factors:

It's hot. Summer is back! And the heat makes me sleepy.

I seem to be getting a cold. I think I caught it from a TV show where a character had a cold. At least, I started sneezing as soon as the character did. (Amusingly, the character was Monk, the germophobic neurotic detective. So apparently I caught a neurosis from him, too.)

I need a vacation. Haven't had any real time off since May, and even that was a writing workshop, and thus not totally relaxing. A vacation is coming... in about six weeks. Can I make it that long? Yeah. Guess I have to.

This is my last week before going to my four-days-a-week schedule at the day job. Which means this is the last time I'll have to work five days in a row. I'm on day two. It's going to be a loooong week, the same way that week before Xmas or summer vacation or your birthday is a long subjective slog. The worst thing? I could have started my short schedule this week! But I said "Oh, no, it'd be nice to get another full paycheck, I'll start at the end of the month." Argh! What was I thinking?

I'm about 20,000 words into the Dream novel, and I just finished a scene last night, and I dunno what happens next. I know what happens a few scenes down the line, but I'm not sure how to get there. I also need some action soon, because I just had a chapter of talk talk talk. Maybe I can skip straight to the assassination attempt... that could work...

The time I usually spend writing obituaries at work is being spent writing much more boring things, because not many people have died this month. (This is a good thing, of course, but... odd. There have been lots of obits this year.) Researching and writing obituaries makes the days go very fast, and without them, the days seem slower.

I'm sad because Heather and I are poor (still waiting for that ship to come in), and can't afford to do anything fancy for our first wedding anniversary. Sigh. We might go camping, or I might cook a big feast... I dunno. But it's a shame we can't do something really extravagant.

On the plus side, my hair looks very nice today.

I'm trying to overcome this dragassedness by sheer force of will, but it's not working. I'll keep trying, though.

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