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Walk, then Run
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I wrote 4,950 words today. Sure, I could've written a paragraph of the next scene and hit 5,000 even, but screw it. I'm already over my word count goal for the week. The Dream novel stands at about 23,000 words now. A quarter of the way done, y'all! At this rate, I'm on track to finish by the end of the year.

I took a walk today, about 3 miles round trip, to the hardware store and grocery store and back. On the way, I listened to the rock music and thought about my novel. On the course of the walk I figured out some major stuff -- how the main antagonist is defeated, who the secret puppetmaster behind everything is, how one supporting character dies. Important things! I've been sort of throwing various balls in the air in these early chapters, trying to set up cool stuff that could be important later, and I'm starting to see how it all fits together. I think it's very cool.

And next time I write, I get to write a sex scene. And then an assassination attempt scene. And then a scene with sentient mold.

I so love my job.


Author and old-school online celebrity Pamela Ribon has a great series of blog entries about running the Maui Marathon. Seriously inspiring stuff, and very well-written. It makes me want to train for a marathon. (This is unlikely to happen. But she made me contemplate it, which is amazing.) Here's the first post, and the second, and the third.


I'm going to the Tachyon Books anniversary party this Saturday at Borderlands. We'll probably get there around 4. Come! Party! Make with the whoo-hoos!


Tonight, we feast on fajitas and watch TV. Life is good.

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