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My story "Little Gods" is going to be reprinted in Czech, in an anthology titled Trochu divne kusy 2, edited by Martin Šust. The ToC of the antho is pretty awesome -- lots of my favorite stories by (mostly) newer writers. The cover is online here, on the right. (I think it's the same Edward Miller art from Vera Nazarian's PS Publishing novella The Clock King and the Queen of the Hourglass.)


Heather made a delicious potato and vegetable stew a couple of nights ago. So very yum. The rain is amazingly refreshing after all the dry, warm weather of the summer, and it feels like the time to curl up on our lovely new couch and drink red wine and eat soup. I'll be making my first batch of chili for the year next week, probably. Life is good.


Well, it was nice being rich while it lasted. Most of the novel advance money has been spent. But all for good causes: paying off credit card debt (that's where most of it went), getting new glasses, paying for long-overdue car repairs, buying a nice laser printer (zoom!) and external hard drive, booking plane tickets and car rental for our upcoming trip to Indiana, etc. After salting some of the dough away for taxes, there's only a wee bit left over. It was nice seeing that big number in my account balance when I hit the ATM, but it's nicer having that hunk of debt off my back, and a car that works, and a vacation planned, and etc. I am now much richer in spirit, and the burden of unfinished business on my psyche is much reduced. But I won't be eating caviar and foie gras sandwiches anytime soon, if you know what I'm saying.

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