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This was my first day off in, um, a while that didn't have some errands attached. Today I didn't have to take my car to the shop or go to a doctor's appointment or anything. I just had to write. That's it.

So instead I mopped the bathroom and took out all the garbage and recycling (four trips!) and washed dishes and filed things and made corrections to Flytrap 6!

That took me up to about noon. Since I'd run out of housework -- except for putting together Ikea dressers, and I wasn't prepared to make that kind of commitment -- I had no choice but to write. Fortunately, all that housework had given me time to think about the next scene, which can be described in two words: naked assassination! So I wrote that scene, and by then I knew what happened in the next scene, so I wrote that, too.

After that I had no idea what should happen next.

So I took a stroll down to the shops by the lake, since we needed more coffee anyway. While walking, I thought about my book, and, lo, I figured out what should happen next. I was singing while I walked, and that's always a good sign. So I hurried home and type type typed. I just stopped, not because I ran out of things to write, but because it's time to go get Heather.

I love this feeling. When it's going well, writing is just about my favorite thing in the world.

Other good things lately include watching Metalocalypse and The Venture Brothers on TV, and Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist on DVD.

Also? Yesterday, we got the big crazy zippy fast beautiful laser printer I ordered. I've dreamed of having a nice workhouse laser printer, the kind that can print a book lickety-split without a million paper jams, etc. I finally had enough money to get one (and even found a good deal). I hooked it up last night and I love it. Heather's been making fun of me. I'm like, "I want to print out a novel!" And she's like, "Don't waste the toner!" She's right. I shouldn't waste the toner. I need to finish this book so I can have the pleasure of printing it out at freaking 25 pages per minute. This thing has a paper tray that can hold over a ream of paper. This is a serious printer. I am so very happy.

Cartoons! And artistic fulfillment! And a printer! Life is good.

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