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NaNoWriHoWe Day 1
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Day one of NaNoWriHoWe went incredibly well.

(If you find word count postings crass or gratuitous, stop reading now! You've been warned!)

I had to do some freelance work in the morning (about 1600 words worth), but around noon I turned my attention to the Dream novel. I worked in two-hour chunks, taking breaks in between (my hands get tired after that much typing) to do laundry, walk to the corner store, putter around, etc. All together? I wrote 8,200 words, bringing the total on the novel up to 51,300. I had fun, and figured some important stuff out about the book, and I've got a bunch of awesome scenes lined up. Today enemies have become friends, secret enemies have been revealed, people have fallen from great heights, people have crushed glass vials holding dried spiders, surrealist superpowers have been explored, confessions have been made, dead people have risen from their graves in libraries, and offhand comments have been made which will have vast repercussions. Yum!

I don't know if I mentioned, but for some reason I've been naming all the chapters in this book with slight variations on famous SF, fantasy, and horror titles. I don't know if that'll make it to the final draft, but it's kinda fun now. So far my chapter titles are: "A Sleeper Wakes," "Vaster and More Slow," "Snow Queens," "Dispossessed," "Voices of Her Shadows," "The Dream Days," "Sex, Death, and Moonshine," "The Door Into Winter," "The City and the Snow", and "Damnation Games." And the chapter I just finished a few minutes ago? It's called "The Bar's My Destination." I crack myself up sometimes.

(Bonus points if you can identify the original titles and authors in the comments section! Not that anyone will comment, since it's Thanksgiving tomorrow. Bonus points aren't redeemable for anything, either. But still!)

Read/Post Comments (7)

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