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Indian Summering
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Mmm, sweet day off, how I love thee. We've had a couple of cold and rainy days, but it's gorgeous today, if a little cool. Clear blue sky, lots of sun, just lovely weather, so I took a walk down toward the lake and around, picked up some coffee and pasta, had lunch, etc. A good afternoon.

I spent the morning writing pr0n reviews, getting Flytraps ready to mail, and working on that collab I've been neglecting. Now the afternoon sprawls out before me like a sprawling thing. I suppose I'd better wash dishes.

I was going to read from my story "Komodo" at the reading tomorrow night, but it's too long to read entirely, I can't find a good place to stop it, and the bits about anal sex would make me blush if I read them on stage. So I'm going to read "Impossible Dreams" instead. It's a tad too long, but if I trim a couple of paragraphs it should come in at an okay time.

I've been playing World of Warcraft again, though it isn't possessing my brain as mightily as it once did. It's more a way to pass the leisure time when there's nothing good on TV. I had a little motivation playing one character, because he was getting close to the level where he gets to buy a mount (a riding wolf, in this case). I played a little last night, leveled, bought my wolf, rode it around a bit... and now I feel no motivation at all for playing the game anymore. Sigh. When the expansion comes out in January I'll get into it again, probably.

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