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Cold Sleep
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Meh. Woke up today with a sore throat and a head full of phlegm. I decided rest was the better part of valor, and called in sick, and went back to bed. Where I slept like a stone for five hours. Now I'm awake and I can't tell if the sleep did me any good or not. My throat still hurts, but I'm also incredibly thirsty and my head hurts (the latter most likely due to dehydration). I'm going to slurp down some tea and retire to the couch, where, at least, the cats will jump on me occasionally and keep me from sleeping another five hours straight, so I can keep taking in some fluids.

I'd better get better after resting today. I'm too busy at work to stay home again tomorrow, and I have plans for the weekend. Grr. Stupid cold.

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