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My uvula is swollen. All day I've felt like there's a wad of phlegm stuck in my throat, and no amount of coughing or throat-clearing would bring it up. I finally got sick of it and coughed until I felt the lump move up and reached back into my mouth to see if I could clear it with my fingers... and triggered my gag reflex. A look in the mirror revealed my uvula all swollen and low-hanging. After my obligatory panic (omg I have uvula cancer!) I did some googling and discovered that a swollen uvula can result from dehydration, allergic reaction, bacterial infection, or, um, snoring. Hmm. Apparently it'll probably go away in a day or two. And if it doesn't, you know, see a doctor. Sigh. In the meantime I feel like there's something the size of a grape sitting right at the back of my throat. At least it doesn't actually hurt, or seem to inhibit talking or drinking (I haven't attempted to eat yet today).

Read/Post Comments (7)

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