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Year in review thing
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I'm so enamored of year-end stuff. Rites of passage and ceremonies/rituals to mark time appeal to me on some deep level. I'll post my annual resolutions entry tomorrow. But for now:

What did I accomplish in 2006?

As co-editor of Tropism Press:

  • Published two issues of Flytrap. On time!

  • Published two chapbooks. Two!

My own writing/reading/misc literary accomplishments:

  • Read about 85 books (doesn't count magazines or stuff online, does count graphic novels and the like). Better than last year!

  • Wrote a bit over 240,000 words (includes non-fiction, freelance work, etc., but does not include this blog or correspondence). I only know the number because I've been keeping a daily work diary all year to get a sense of my writing patterns. My writing patterns are highly disordered.

  • Saw publication of my first poetry collection, If There Were Wolves.

  • Won a Joshua Norton award for The Strange Adventures of Rangergirl.

  • Won a Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award, also for Rangergirl.

  • Rangergirl was nominated for a Mythopoeic Award.

  • Saw my story "Gulls" reprinted in Best New Horror and Best New Fantasy, and my story "Robots and Falling Hearts" (collab with Greg van Eekhout) reprinted in The Year's Best Fantasy 6.

  • Wrote some stories: "Restless in My Hand," "From Around Here," "Grander than the Sea," "The Christmas Mummy" (a collab with Heather), assorted short-shorts, and a couple of pseudonymous erotica stories.

  • Finished writing the Bridge novel (The Light of a Better World), wrote a sequel to Blood Engines called Poison Sleep.

  • Sold some stories: "Dream Engine," "From Around Here," "Restless in My Hand," "Jen at the Crossroads," a pseudonymous erotica story.

  • Sold two novels: Blood Engines and Poison Sleep (the latter was sold based on an outline, which is the first time I've done that! Though it hasn't been accepted yet...)

  • Wrote a bunch of reviews for Locus.

  • Picked up some regular freelance work, including a weekly column.

Non-writing-related significant/fun/major events:

  • Went to part-time at my job -- four days a week! This has had a tremendous impact on my life. I have so much more free time.

  • Went to Wiscon.

  • Went to Worldcon (where, among the usual fun things, I met with a movie producer who's interested in my books, though nothing concrete has come of that as of yet.)

  • Visited Santa Cruz a couple of times, but never enough.

  • Went to Indiana, with a side-trip to Chicago, where I saw Egyptian stuff, and an art museum, and other nice things.

  • Performed in some seriously good readings.

2006 was probably even better than 2005 (though 2005 had bigger high points in terms of getting married and going on our honeymoon; the goodness in 2006 was just more evenly distributed).

Here's hoping 2007 is so awesome it leaves '06 in the dust.

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